Michael Kiwanuka's Time Machine In Full Swing Last Night At Webster Hall

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Michael Kiwanuka is another man out of time -- with his grizzled and smokey prescence, roaring blues breakdowns and soulful croonanigans, he's straight out of a Martin Scorcese biopic. But something special dwells in the details. Unlike his midlevel counterparts, Kiwanuka inspires a massive base. His festival-ready set, more suited for the wily outdoors and limited laws on smoking substances, was transplanted to Webster Hall last night, and the walls seemed to crumble and give way to brilliant sunshine and cool breezes, or at least, that's what the crowd would have you believe.

    Kiwanuka's Home Again -- released this past March -- has garnered comparisons to Van Morrison, Otis Redding, and and Bill Withers. But the recordings don't quite collect the energy apparent in his stage show, a subtle kineticism almost too expansive to be contained in a New York City rock club. Nevertheless, the Webster Hall crowd undulated accordingly with Kiwanuka and his band, who sojourned through the decades of soul music to bring a fresher look at a genre as old as recorded music.

    Check out "I'm Getting Ready" below.

    Home Again is out now. You can purchase it here.

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