Summer Isn't Over Yet Thanks To These Sunny New Releases
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Dezi Savini

    Freeform already released their Halloween programming schedule, but I don't care!

    Just because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back doesn't mean we're done with summer. September weather is still too hot for sweaters, so we're going to be rocking flip flops ‘til we can't stand getting fallen leaves stuck between our toes.

    Here are some tunes to make you wanna ditch class for the beach.

    1. "Endless Summer" - Absofacto

    Please ignore the all too on-the-nose title of my first song choice and simply soak up the vibes. Absofacto is just like you. Absofacto doesn't want summer to end. You and Absofacto can indulge each other with this dreamy track.

    2. "Rise Up" - MÁDAM

    I'm not including this track simply because I'm in the music video for three seconds. I mean, I am in the music video for three seconds, but that's beside the point. Newcomer MÁDAM magically knows how to make your day better with this high dosage of positivity. This track will make every suffocating subway commute to work or class feel a little bit brighter.

    3. "Mistakes" - Tove Styrke

    Just like how someone is making Tove Styrke want to make mistakes, this song will make you want to squeeze in one last summer fling. Sure, it might be a bad idea, but so is ordering a hot PSL when it's actually 80 degrees outside. If we can celebrate poor decisions in the summer, we really ought to extend this social statute of limitations to include early fall.

    4. "Disco Tits" - Tove Lo

    Different Tove, same big mood. "Disco Tits" is going to have a permanent place in my Spotify queue until my feet are too tired of dancing to it. If you're looking for summer vibes reminiscent of beach town clubs that can be equally blasted from the comfort of an Uber on a too-cold-to-walk-home September night, then this is the track for you.

    5. "LSD" - Jamila Woods feat. Chance the Rapper

    Contrary to expectations, the title "LSD" doesn't refer to the drug. It's a love letter to Chicago's iconic Lake Shore Drive. If you're from Chicago, there's nothing more summery than driving to public beaches along Lake Michigan and braving the permanently cold water for a pseudo-ocean vacation. Summer or fall, that water is still freezing.

    6. "Up All Night" - Beck

    Going to bed early and watching Halloween movies under a throw blanket are for October! Listen to Beck and do what all fall denialists should: go out and stay up all night. Who cares about homework and adult responsibilities! This song is catchy!

    7. "Excelsior Springs" - GGOOLLDD

    Take GGOOLLDD's Margaret Butler's advice and pour some freakin' bourbon in your lemonade. Cool down and feel warm inside with this nostalgic track that's nearly impossible to not sway along with.

    8. "Mexican Fender" - Weezer

    Reminisce along with Rivers Cuomo about Loves of Summers Past and then watch the music video for a compelling unrequited romance between a seagull and a beach babe.

    9. "Taking Up Space" - Mustard Service

    This is what Mac Demarco's songs would sound like if Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys took over the vocals. Mustard Service's debut album Zest Pop is full of gems like "I'm Sorry I Hit You With My Flip Flop," which I really wanted to include this list just for that visual but "Taking Up Space" has more of that lazy, wandering, breezy feel we crave during this transitional weather.

    10. "Sunrise" - Diners

    These lyrics are about waking up when it's still cold out, but this song has the sound you want to listen to as you drive with all your windows down even though you already have a seasonal cold.

    11. "Hurt Somebody" - Noah Kahan

    This bubbly reminder to be nice to other people will put you in such a good mood that you won't even think about snapping at the barista you screwed up your PSL order.

    12. "Younger Now" - Miley Cyrus

    We can always count on Miley Cyrus to help us embrace change. Like it or not, summer is over. At least this song makes us feel light and happy as it delivers a much needed reality check.

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