Sad Boy Sam Smith is Out With a New Video and It's Sadder than Ever
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Dezi Savini

    Crack open a personal bottle of wine and eat some comfort food. Sam Smith is back and he's very, very sad. Naturally, now you are too. The king of loneliness turns up his forlorn emotions by letting director Luke Monaghan turn down the brightness and amp up the faded shades on his new video.

    It's been two years since Smith's last music release. He candidly spoke in several interviews about how, unlike with his earlier work where breakups were instrumental to his artistic process, the conclusion of his latest relationship left him uninspired for months on end. Luckily, he recovered from his writer's' block to gift us with "Too Good At Goodbyes."

    The video itself alternates between shots of Smith looking sad in a recording studio, depressed in an alleyway, down on his luck in an empty meadow, mournful while embracing a lover near a breezy window… You get the point. Watch it if you feel like crying.

    But never fear! Sam Smith is not the only gloomy guy in this shoot. The video also features a lot of other melancholic couples embracing for what viewers can assume is the last time. There are also shots of heartbroken single people staring off into the distance, including a very sad and sweaty boxer who takes out his emotions by hitting stuff.

    Even if you don't really want to cry, you ought to watch this video for its dedication to diversity. Smith is currently the most successful openly gay man on mainstream charts, and his new music video showcases people of various races and sexualities. The more visibility and representation in the media, the better.

    The video concludes with Smith in a park wearing a sweater full of holes, perhaps to match the holes in his heart. Even though we all feel a collective emptiness, at least he mended the hole in the radio waves where his new music ought to be.

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