LA Loves Lil Yachtys Pizzeria as Much as Lil Yachty Loves Pizza
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Dezi Savini

    Trap star Lil' Yachty opened a pop up pizzeria in LA this weekend. Taking over the aptly named Delicious Pizza Cafe on Sunset Boulevard, the 19 year-old's business venture was more about selling exclusive pizza-themed merch than it was about pie.

    That doesn't mean there wasn't a plethora of hot and cheesy real life pizzas. According to Boat himself, the pizza-loving rapper hasn't gone a day since the second grade without eating a slice.

    Despite his obsession for the Italian-American staple food, Lil' Yachty made sure to spread the love by handing out some free slices to his young fans in line and even spent time manning the register.

    His LA pizza stunt follows the success of his brief August takeover of Famous Ben's Pizzeria in New York City. As of now, there are no official announcements on whether Yachty will be trying his hand at Chicago deep dish.

    In the meantime, chew on his new music video for "Better." Hopefully his lyrics "You say it's good/I say it's great/It always could always be better" don't refer to his pizza-making skills.

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