Put Your Baby To Sleep With A Lullaby Of Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android'
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    "Paranoid Android" might be the best song I've ever heard live (as in the live performance itself was the best. The best song I've ever heard live is "God Only Knows" because it's the best song of the 20th century, and I'm pretty sure we've all accepted this as a scientific fact at this point). When Johnny Greenwood laid into that guitar solo at Bonnaroo 2012, my face/brain began to metaphorically melt. It's one of the band's best traditional rock tracks, but it's exceptional because that guitar bit never stops. Yeah, you can bang your head to it. But it also perfectly encapsulates the technological anxiety at the heart of that record (and Kid A beyond OK Computer). You wouldn't think a lullaby version of the song would make any sense. But that's just what the folks at Rockabye Baby have done. Radiohead is maybe my favorite band since the Beatles, but I'm not sure I want any future toddlers getting raised on a diet of Thom Yorke surrealism. That might be better suited til they're at least 10 or so.

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