Jack White Hates Rolling Stone And They Need To Vent About It
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

    • Posted by: Lily Trotta

    At his show in Boston on Wednesday, Jack White lashed out again, this time making fun of the Foo Fighters and Rolling Stone. While joking that the Foo Fighters multiple guitarists exist only to cover each others' mistakes, White repeatedly yelled out phrases like "Brought to you by Rolling Stone!" and "Brought to you by the Kardashians!"

    White has compared the magazine to a tabloid before, and cited that it shares an owner with Us Magazine during his rant Wednesday. Rolling Stone responded to the criticism with a nine paragraph article defending their work and discussing other press-worthy moments from Jack White's life and career in a very convincing impression of a tabloid.

    Listen to White's hilarious rant here:

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