Standing On A Rooftop Makes The Tallest Man On Earth Taller
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2012

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    Don't let the band name deceive you; The Tallest Man On Earth's Kristian Matsson is actually only 5'7". A singer-songwriter from Dalarna, Sweden, Matsson is a treat for the folkies of the world. More often than not, he is compared to Bob Dylan positively for his songwriting ability and also for his vocal style -- which can be positive or negative, I suppose, depending on who you ask.

    Matsson's earlier work exposed the underlying theme of anxiety that he's always felt. His third studio release, There's No Leaving Now deals more with confronting -- rather than running away from -- said anxieties. Instead, Matsson says he channels his anxiety into his performance, providing a unique -- and highly praised -- connection with his audience.

    The Tallest Man On Earth recently played a wonderful acoustic version of "Revelation Blues" on an undisclosed rooftop for us all to watch and enjoy:

    If you live overseas, you can catch The Tallest Man On Earth touring in support of his new album this fall/winter. If you're on the same side of the Atlantic as me, I guess we can keep each other company while we wait for his return to North America.

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