Now Introducing: Pretty Little Empire
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    Once in awhile we get a chance to tell you about a band you may not know about yet. This is one of those times -- we'd like you to meet Pretty Little Empire from St. Louis, Missouri. The band has been working on their sound since forming in 2008, and the momentum they've been gaining makes us very excited for their next album, set to drop later this Fall. Laced by the driving percussion of Evan O'Neal and the frenzied acoustic guitar-picking of Justin Johnson, Pretty Little Empire's sound is amped up and based in rock, like a Mumford & Sons with more grit, and more of a classic rock soul. Add in strong songwriting -- those breakdowns are hard to beat and leave you wanting more -- and you've got a band that'll stick on you. They're hometown paper described them as "more sincere than most hyped stuff circling the blogosphere" and yeah, we sort of agree.

    Check out some Pretty Little Empire music below: "Now Is Not the Time," and their newest song, "All I Know."

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