Kesha Is Back To Thwart Our Good Times
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Well, we all kind of knew it was going to happen. Don't panic. Here, breathe into this paper bag. Pop "star"/Hefty trash bag spokesperson Ke$ha has been teasing a new album, a new song called "Die Young," and a new lack of personal hygiene. Watch this teaser clip for "Die Young," where Ke$ha obnoxiously belts the melody to her new song while a bunch of Japanese commuters look confused and terrified.

    Only Ke$ha does an off-the-cuff a cappella version of a song WITH AUTO-TUNE. Is she using her phone? Is is a DROID RAZR 3D with Beats Audio? Is she going to die young, as promised? When was the last time she came in contact with a bar of Irish Spring? ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE, TONIGHT, IN MY NIGHTMARES.

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