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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

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    Happy Friday music lovers! With every Friday that passes we come closer and closer the impending winter, but with each Friday that passes we are also given the gift of more and more new music. Not a bad trade off if you ask me. On this week's mixtape, the 32nd volume in our T.G.I.Mixtape series, we have ten brand new songs that will surely warm your bones from the wind that seems to be getting colder by the day. This week we have brand new music from Menomena member Brent Knopf's new band Ramona Falls, along with great new songs by Woods, Wild Beasts, Tyondai Braxton, HEALTH and more. So hang out, listen and enjoy. -Greg Lozoff

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    1. Imogen Heap - "First Train Home"
    To start us off this week we have a brand new song by Electro-pop queen Imogen Heap. This bouncy track is called "First Train Home" and can be found on Heap's brand new album, Ellipse, which is in stores now. We have been watching Heap's video diaries with baited breath for months now in which she would let people into her world as she pieced together the album. We've had to wait 4 years for it, but it's here, and it was worth the wait.

    2. Woods - "Rain On"
    Next we have "Rain On" by Brooklyn band Woods' latest record, Songs of Shame. These gentle rockers have nothing to be ashamed about on this one; an album that while remaining quiet and ruminative, has some guitar solos that would seem more fitting in a punk band's garage. Yet somehow it all manages to come together quite nicely, making this one of our favorite new releases.

    3. Ramona Falls - "Salt Sack"
    Ramona Falls is a relatively new band coming out of indie music mecca, Portland, Oregon. The band is more of a solo project, led by Brent Knopf, who you may know from another Portland band called Menomena. But the reason we call them a band is because of the help that Knopf received in recording the album. While he wrote all the songs himself, he had help from 35 friends including Mirah and members of The Helio Sequence, to name a few. So without further ado, here is "Salt Sack" from their debut album Intuit, in stores now.

    4. Bridezilla - "Brown Paper Bag"
    Here's a new song by Australian orchestral rock band, Bridezilla. We have been absolutely loving their debut self-titled EP; so much so that we even invited the band to perform in Baeble's Guest Apartment and boy did they perform. And then just a few days later they played at the somewhat bigger Bowery Ballroom. We expect big things for these talented Aussies, and judging by this string and sax heavy rouser can you blame us?

    5. Coconut Records - "Microphone"
    A few weeks ago we played you a great track by Dead Man's Bones, a band led by actor Ryan Gosling. Now we have a song from another pretty noteworthy celebrity that goes by the name of Jason Schwartzman. Yes, he has a band called Coconut Records. Well it's actually more of a solo-project as Schwartzman writes all the songs himself and plays a majority of the instruments. The music can be described as sunny 60s influenced pop and is a welcome change from Schwartzman's previous band Phantom Planet. Hey, maybe soon we will have enough songs for a celebrity band mixtape! Dogstaranyone?

    6. Foreign Born - "Early Warnings"
    Next we have "Early Warnings" by San Francisco folk rock band Foreign Born. This band was lucky enough to have the support and endorsement of another great folk rock band that goes by the name of Grizzly Bear when they first started out, skyrocketing them into the public eye. Have the lived up to the hype? We think the answer is clear by listening to their latest album, released earlier this month, called Person To Person.

    7. Tyondai Braxton - "Opening Bell"
    Next we have a sort of odd number by Battles member Tyondai Braxton. This isn't Braxton's first foray as a solo artist as he has been messing around on his own since the 90s, but we think that the culmination of all this messing around is his newly released solo album, entitled Central Market. The music itself is very orchestral, very scattered and incredibly off the wall, yet somehow quite enchanting. The good news is that if Tim Burton ever gets sick of using Danny Elfman as his score writer Braxton can jump write in and fill the void.

    8. Imaad Wasif - "Priestess"
    Here we have a new song by Canadian songwriter Imaad Wasif. He has been working like a beast lately in not only the creation of his new album, entitled The Voidist but on a very famous forthcoming Spike Lee film that you may have heard of called Where The Wild Things Are. That's right, Wasif has joined forces with Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karen O (who is Spike Jonze's former girlfriend) in creating the film's soundtrack, which has amazing written all over it. While we will have to wait a little bit to hear that, for now we have a new one by Wasif called "Priestess".

    9. HEALTH - "Die Slowly"
    Here's another brand new song from LA noise rockers HEALTH. It's called "Die Slowly" and it can be found on their latest album, entitled Get Color. The album is a follow-up to the bands 2007 debut self-titled release and had been getting rave reviews before it even hit stores. The praise is most likely due to this song, which has the band sounding a little more contained than on previous efforts.

    10. Wild Beasts - "Hooting and Howling"
    And finally, to close this one out we have a new song by Kandal, England's Wild Beasts. On "Hooting and Howling", the first single from the band's brand new album, Two Dancers we get a nice dose of lead singer Hayden Thorpe's high pitched warble, as he describes life as a bovver boot wearing brute. It's a little bit hard to imagine Thorpe looting shops and fighting with a voice like Antony Hegarty but we'll take his word for it.

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