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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

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    For "15 To 20," the Phenomenal Handclap Band made eight small films into one, in a funky 1970's, Oceans 11 style heist that has all that money, but is still riding the bus (hey! those are the lyrics of the song!). The video features the eight members of the band (at once) running around town, drinking coffee, reading the paper, running away from helicopters, shopping, and dancing around a pool table of money... you know, everyday stuff. How do our thieves/heroes fair in their burglary? You'll have to watch it to find out.

    "15 To 20" is a good cross-section of the PHCB's sound: groovy jam music with a distinct throwback sound and a taste for discoteque. There is plenty of tambourine shaking, soul rocking, moog synthesized, cowbell heavy, sunglasses wearing (you get it) funk on every track. The aesthetic of the music was well represented by Director Moh Azima and Producer Michelle Price, who outfit the fab octet in some seriously vintage attire. Add in a couple of courderoy wearing cops and you've got yourself a 1975 caper worthy of Starsky And Hutch. -joe puglisi

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