Album Review: The Wombats:: The Wombats EP::: Kids
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2007

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    From the moment the first hi hat hits that oh so overused up beat, it might seem all too tempting to cast The Wombats latest EP (Kids) off into dance punk purgatory; a sort of place where Brandon Flowers’ ego pathetically wilts away in a cage, Radio 4 must listen to the horror their post-Gotham! releases have inflicted, and Bloc Party have that all-of-the-sudden-seriousness eternally tickled out of them with a feather. Except a funny thing happens on The Wombats way to hell…that ridiculously recognizable beat gets set to deliciously boppy and hilariously confessional three-minute pop songs worth taking a second take of. Keep Reading - David Pitz

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    STREAM: The Wombats:: “Kill the Director” The Wombats EP
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