The Basic Girl's Guide to Fall Music
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    According to the calendar, fall will be here on the 22nd. But the calendar also says that fall ends 4 days before Christmas, so I say bs. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and I wore a jacket today, so I'm calling it. Fall is here.

    Now, it's a universally known fact that there's one subset of society that enjoys fall more than any other… the basic girl. Yeah. You know this. We've been here before. The pumpkin spice is back on the Starbucks menu. But honestly, I'd like to take a step back, because I have a question.

    Does nobody think it's weird that vegetables are being associated with a specific gender? Why is it basic to like an actual gourd? And if it's not fall, girls are getting crapped on for liking avocados, which are just healthy and delicious. Honestly, they are vegetables. What if liking zucchini was considered geeky?

    Now, I promise that this is going in a musically inclined direction, because in the same way that people unfairly judge vegetables just because they're told that they're "basic," they also do the same thing with songs. It's a little less odd, to be sure. But it's still unfair. So, whether you're trying to own your basicness or escape it, here are 6 songs that people think are basic, but aren't.

    Lauv- I Like Me Better

    Lauv has a sensitive side, the kind that (not to stereotype) girls tend to fall for and guys tend to dismiss. But if his session in our studios proved anything, its that he has an impeccable understanding of his music, that his melodies are complex, and that his songs will touch anybody's heart, guy or girl.

    Demi Lovato- Sober

    Getting taken seriously- It's the eternal struggle for Disney stars. Demi has obviously had a difficult time with it, and has suffered some serious consequences. This song is beautiful because it's raw and honest. And with Demi's most recent scare, the words weigh even heavier on your shoulders.

    Dua Lipa- New Rules

    Dua Lipa is an absolute queen. She's sexy as hell, her stage presence is impeccable, her voice is incredible. And she's speaks the truth in this song.

    Post Malone- I Fall Appart

    Like many of the songs on this list, this one's "basic" status was cemented only after a long, long time as a radio favorite, getting played over and over and over andcanyoupleasestop. But that's not Post's fault. All he wanted was for people to see his sensitive side, through the face tats. And honestly, he succeeded. This song is gorgeous.

    Ed Sheeran- The A Team

    It's easy to dismiss Ed Sheeran as the sort of… universally liked and therefore sort of uninteresting mega-star that he is. But it's important to remember how he got as popular as he did. He's immensely talented. And this song showcases that beautiful voice. Add that to the achingly sad lyrics, and it always manages to bring a tear to my eye.

    The Weeknd- Can't Feel My Face

    As one of the Weeknd's first big hit's, this song jumped onto the radio as the most perfect combination of pop and electronic. Of course, people quickly got sick of hearing it everywhere and having it stuck in their heads 24/7. But it's been a few years now, so I think that we can finally look back and recognize it as the fire that it is.

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