album review: slaraffenland
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2009

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    Danish rock quintet Slaraffenland caught the eye of Hometapes in 2006 and released the slow-brewing, rather stunning Private Cinema in late 2007. More than two years later, the fittingly autumnal release We're On Your Side has vestiges of the languid, moody compositions of its predecessor, but far more action, structure, and warm flourishes. The percussion is controlling and downright poppy in places, as with the fast-paced, rollicking opener "Long Gone," which apparently is an announcement that the band is making some changes. The vocals, on this track and elsewhere, follow suit: a major key, clippy enunciation, yet always, as with Cinema, hints of darker emotions thanks to prodding, solitary little lines like "We never saw the trees fall."

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