Lana Del Rey Hits The Snooze Button On 'Salvatore'

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    On the sitcom Community, multiple episodes explored the notion of the "Darkest Timeline." It's the world where all of the worst possible things happen at once -- which in Community's case meant Abed becoming evil and Jeff losing an arm and Britta dying her hair. But what about the "Most Boring Timeline?" Is that a thing? Cause every single we've gotten from Lana Del Rey's upcoming third LP, Honeymoon, suggests that Lizzie Grant is hell bent on delivering the most boring possible version of her Nancy Sinatra via Tupac pop. "Music To Watch Boys To" was a snooze fest, and her newest single, "Salvatore," made us wonder if somebody had slipped some high-grade narcotics into our morning coffee considering how quickly it made us fall asleep. I think we can officially call the Lana Del Rey experiment a failure now.

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