Six Songs of Summer that Will Carry into Fall
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    WOMP!! Summer is officially over! It's time to break out the ugly sweaters and pumpkin spice k-cups! But just in case you're feeling the harvest moon blues, here are six awesome songs from this past summer that won't fall off with the leaves.

    Cherub- Doses and Mimosas
    No need to abandon your I DON'T GIVE A F**K attitude along with your cutoffs and ironic Hawaiian shirts. After hitting up the summer festival scene Cherubs Doses and Mimosas proves to be a party staple that will keep you flipping off h8trs well into autumn.

    Alt-J -Left Hand Free
    It doesnt matter why Alt-J wrote "Left Hand Free" and momentarily strayed from their characteristic weirdness. My completely objective observation is that this song straight up ROCKS. The fact that they can pull off something so different from the rest of their catalog is a testament to Alt-Js incredible talent (all hail?). Released over the summer as a precursor for their highly anticipated second album, This is All Yours, Alt-J proves that we have a lot to look forward to this Fall.

    First Aid Kit-My Silver Lining
    Swedish sisters and folk duo, First Aid Kit, released their American debut,Stay Gold on Columbia Records this summer. My Silver Lining inspires us to keep looking up... even as temperatures drop. Highly influenced by new age folk-pop groups like, Fleet Foxes, First Aid Kits pristine harmonies have a poetic, down home quality that is certain to keep us warm as the weather gets colder.

    Chance the Rapper-Juice
    Even though his album came out over a year ago Chance the Rapper's following grew significantly over the course of his festival tour this summer, and will continue to grow on his tour to 18 college campuses this fall. His gritty acidrap style is all about good vibes, and who doesnt want some of those? Juice combines his trance inducing hooks, his hypnotic flow, and an excuse to lose ourselves in a chant: "JUICE!...JUICE!...JUICE!"

    The Black Keys-Gotta Get Away
    The Black Keys released their most recent album,Turn Blue, at the beginning of the Summer and "Gotta Get Away" is, arguably, the best track on it. This impossibly catchy toe tapper is so classic bad-boy rock & roll that, despite the season, it will keep us longing for a Harley Davidson and the open road.

    Clean Bandit-Rather Be
    Sorry if you're one of the very few people that's already trying to escape this song, but the rest of the world LOVES it. Let's be real, the only bad thing about "Rather Be" is that it ends. It's impossible to not be happy when this song is being played, and the radio stations know it. Kind of like when Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" hit it big on the top 40 radio stations, it's nice when a truly awesome song gets major airplay and a really talented group can hit it big (if only for a little while). Big stations first got their claws on "Rather Be" at the beginning of the summer, and it will most likely be played, ad nauseum, well into winter, but for now we can still appreciate it for the lone ray of sunshine amongst the 39 top rain clouds on the radio.

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