Primus drops whimsical interpretation of Willy Wonka
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: C. Bedard

    Fans of prog-rock band Primus, accustomed to the thespian wackiness of the band's aesthetic, were not surprised when frontman Les Claypool announced back in July that Primus planned to produce an album-length interpretation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The second single from the project, titled Primus and the Chocolate Factory With the Fungi Ensemble, was released yesterday to accompany their previously released single, both warped and eccentric covers of songs from the 1971 musical.

    In their newest effort, "Golden Ticket", Claypool's gratuitous use of the whammy bar and guttural utterances of "give it to me daddy" give the song a circus-like theatricality that evokes images of sideshow carnivals and bizarre orgies. Primus' revelry, rendered in minor key tonality, is both a revival of their original 1995 lineup and a nod to the forefathers of psychedelia: Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and the Residents were mentioned in Claypool's own description of the project, and press photos are littered with the band is Sgt. Pepper-esque military suits.

    The track itself is warbling and whimsical, employing a horns section and formidable amount of vibraphone. Its prog-rock pastiche is funky enough to dance along to, yet too outlandish to put on at a party not involving carnies or copious amounts of mushrooms. The physical LP will be printed in a chocolate brown, with, predictably, five gold copies scattered at random. Fans can also expect to see an exclusive brand of Primus chocolate bars to accompany the album, which will be distributed around the time of their upcoming tour.

    Check out "Golden Ticket" below, and prepare for a world of pure imagination:

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