Iggy Azalea Signed Over Rights To Sex Tape...Sort Of
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    It seems like every click on the internet brings us another naked celebrity. Despite her very short time in the spotlight, Iggy Azalea has not been able to avoid the recent celebrity sex scandals that seem to be popping up almost everyday. TMZ reports that, unlike those involved in the Celebrity iCloud hacking, Iggy actually signed a contract back in 2009 that MIGHT give her ex-boyfriend the right to release and market a sex tape that they made together. The contract gives her former boyfriend and manager, Hefe Wine, rights to "manufacture, sell, distribute, and advertise 'any' recording embodying visual images". That sounds like it could include a sex tape, except Iggy signed it for musical purposes. Wine believes that if he plays Iggy's music under the tape then he will have exclusive rights to their taped tryst.

    Watch out Iggy! You might not look so fancy anymore!

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