Domestic Violence: Rock and Roll Edition
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    The NFL is currently squirming in the limelight thanks to the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals.

    While Rice, KO'd his fiance in an elevator, Adrian Peterson crossed a line with his child that went far beyond a slap on the hand.

    So as we sit back and accept the NFL as a haven for Domestic Abusers, Serial Killers and Dog Torturers, we can highlight a few instances from the pantheon of musical stars we all know.

    Chris Brown

    At a height of stardom so few manage to achieve, he pounds is equally famous then-girlfrind Rhianna, doesn't really apologize, and does a little jail time. Sooo why do we continue to give this obviously unbalanced violent individual the time of day? What a jerk.

    James Brown

    Talent for days, but spent five years in prison for various offenses and arrested four times for domestic violence. Throw in a couple of additional arrests for gun violence and car chases, and the Hardest Working Man in Show Business certainly stands out as a serial criminal.

    Rick James

    Rick and his wife-to-be held a woman prisoner and treated her like a sex slave. He served two years in prison for this sexcapade. Seriously, go crawl in hole and never come out.

    Phil Spector

    Take a woman home, shoot her dead then blame her. Convicted and sentenced to 19-years to life in prison, the creator of the Wall of Sound is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cue eye roll.

    Dr. Dre

    Hip-hop's soon-to-be first billionaire beat the stuffing out of Dee Barnes at a party. His fellow bandmates in N.W.A were quoted as saying, Bitch deserved it. Huh? And now we need this man on the board of Apple now? Tim Cook and other senior staffers must be afraid of getting bitch slapped in product meetings.

    Ike Turner

    Who can forget Ike as the poster boy for spousal abuse and drug addiction as the husband of Rock Diva, Tina Turner? Ike occasionally punched her, but never Beat her. I mean, there's a difference, right?

    Tommy Lee

    Motley Crue wouldn't have the same reputation if it wasn't for the misplaced aggression Tommy Lee did a good job of getting rough with ex-wife Pamela Anderson and their two children. Gross.

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Behind every rock star is an under appreciated woman and Ozzy is lucky Sharon didn't give up on him, even after being arrested for domestic violence in 1989.


    You might think former Guns N' Roses guitarist, Slash, would have a long rap sheet, if you're the type to judge a book by its cover, but compared to the rest, is pretty good. His 1999 arrest for domestic violence is his only brush with the law.

    Vanilla Ice

    Once, twice, three times an abuser. Vanilla Ice has been dumb for a long time, but his attitude toward physical violence, and being arrested three times for it just proves he's an idiot.

    Vince Neil

    Another Motley Crue member who just couldn't keep his hands to himself. Arrested in 1984, Neil took a break before being arrested again in 2011 for taking a swing.

    Axl Rose

    In Axl's world, settling out of court and forking over $400,000 to Stephanie Seymour for physical violence was enough to make it all go away, including respect from anyone with an ounce of morals.

    What we should do, is make sure that Roger Goodell is fired from the NFL. Next the major labels should join up and create a new position called the Commissioner of Music, appoint Goodell chief, pay him $40 million per year and the put him in charge of covering up all of our favorite musicians arrests and other transgressions. Should be good for business. Ya think?

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