Amidst iPhone 6 and a smartwatch,
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: C. Bedard

    Apple announced at their keynote event last week that, along with their new iPhones and smart watches, users would also receive a free download of U2's new album, Songs of Innocence. As a surprise, U2 showed up at the event to preform and promote their new album, which is described by the U2's frontman, Bono, as "the most personal album we've written." The devices of 500 million users were imbued with the Irish bands latest album, which received mixed reviews from critics.

    In a PR stunt that reached half a billion ears, the ubiquitous U2 presence miffed many celebrities and gentry alike, who used social media platforms such as Twitter to voice their confusion and annoyance at the undeletable album.

    Apple has launched a tool this morning to appease their disgruntled users and permanently remove the album from their discography. "If you would like U2's Songs of Innocence removed from your iTunes music library and iTunes purchases, you can choose to have it removed," a rep from Apple said of the freshly minted SOI Removal Webpage that was created in response to Apple consumers' outrage.

    Here's how you, too (no pun intended) can remove Songs of Innocence from your iPhone:

    Go to
    Click Remove Album to permanently remove the album from your Apple account.
    Sign in if prompted.
    You will see a confirmation message of the albums removal.

    Be forewarned that, once deleted from your device, the album will not be available for redownload.

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