T.G.I.Mixtape 125
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Autumn is coming! The fall does mean crispy weather and foliage, but it also means a last hurrah of amazing music releases... strap in for an exciting season of big names and even bigger tunes. Bite into a few right now and check out a smorgasboard of new bliss for your ears.

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    1. "I Might" - Wilco - The Whole Love

    Wilco's still got it.

    2. "Polish Girl" - Neon Indian - Era Extraña

    Neon Indian gets the 'song of the week' award, coming off the release of his latest album, an epic performance on late night TV, and receiving many a praise from the blogsophere. Oh, and the song is just really goddamn good. Feel free to play it a few times, it's free!

    3. "Someone Like You" - Adele - 21

    Adele's latest single is the song she performed at the VMAs. If you don't kind of cry a little when you hear it, you might actually be a robot. GET THAT CHECKED OUT! Seriously, this song is soooooo sad/good. You could make a "sad day" playlist with just this song like 50 times. This song could make January Jones cry.

    4. "Hysterical" - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Hysterical

    The title track from CYHSY's new LP sounds like it was written/recorded by Brandon Flowers but that's not a bad thing at all. Mucho enjoyo.

    5. "Shake It Out" - Florence and The Machine - Ceremonials

    Forence's machine consistently pumps out epic anthems, so the second track off Ceremonials shouldn't surprise anyone with its climactic chorus, but it probably will, because it's that kind of song: exciting and spacious.

    6. "4 Years" - Kid Savant - Drop It On The Stereo EP

    We don't know much about this band yet except they're from Brooklyn and they're playing CMJ. We'll be interviewing them soon to shed some of the mystery... for now, enjoy the tune and fantacize about a video of skydiving and falling pianos, because that's a real thing we'll be posting next week!

    7. "Waiting For My Chance To Come" - Noah and The Whale - Last Night On Earth

    Noah and The Whale always remind us of why we used to listen to the radio when we were kids. The band just dropped a video for this song and it's definitely been on rotation. Last Night On Earth is out already, grab it if you missed it.

    8. "Shell Suite" - Chad Valley - Equaltorial Ultravox

    Hugo Manuel's bedroom pop is space-age. Just in case you were planning a trip to space this weekend, here's your entry into orbit soundtrack.

    9. "Circles and Squares" - We Were Promised Jetpacks - In The Pit Of The Stomach

    WWPJ have a new album, and this is how it starts&mdas;an epic, fuzzed out into of aggressive momentum into a dynamic riff. Definitely a "get up, it's Friday!" kind of feel. The LP is out 10/4. (10/4!)

    10. "Park" - Radiation City - The Hands That Take You

    We had a friend reccomend this band, only to discover their new LP magically floated to the top of our promo pile... fortuitous? This song suggests so, mostly by being awesome. It's out on 9/27.

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