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    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2010

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    Weezer may or may not have accepted some serious dollars from clothing company Hurley to make album Hurley, but it doesn't seem to be bothering anyone too much. The important bits of the record are the marriage of some older Weezer aesthetics, coupled with some of the new stuff they've come up with that seems to be working. They dropped by Leno to play "Memories", the first single and a song I happen to enjoy, and maybe you do too.

    "Memories" [via.]:

    The band has confirmed the "Blinkerton" tour, a November/December romp featuring two nights a town... one of Pinkerton in its entirety and one night of the Blue Album. Exact dates for major cities to be announced soon.

    Hurley is out now. The real Hurley is also out (for now), having done his six years of Lost, he may need to wait six more before he can play any other major role. Dude. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "Memories"
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