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    The Twitter hookup "don't wanna' worry about dying." It just wants to worry about free signed stuff. @Japandroidfans: get on your twitterfon/twitterberry/tweetdeck/twitterific and spend approximately ten seconds helping yourselves win some signed Japandroids vinyl. All you have to do is tweet.

    You know the drill. We just debuted our latest concert, featuring the high energy noise duo Japandroids and their killer set at Pianos in July. Now we've got three signed copies of Post-Nothing (which we decided was ear-pummeling and catchy) on vinyl for you to win! Just in case we have new fans joining the Twitter hunt for goodies, here are the rules:

    To enter:
    1. Follow Baeblemusic at
    2. Tweet @BaebleMusic with a link to the Japandroids concert. Use the URL for convenient, character saving measures
    3. That's it! Good luck!

    Contest ends Wednesday September . Get your tweet on.

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    VIDEO: Japandroidsat Pianos
    Japandroids on Myspace

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