IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Syd - "Nothing to Somethin"

    I've been listening to a lot of Syd lately. Why? Because this is an artist who is killing the game right now. Every single track she drops is just so smooth, sensual, and lovable.

    Grimes - "Pin"

    It may be two years old, but Grimes' album Art Angels is still so fresh. I decided to revisit it last weekend during a long commute and all I could think was "wow, this sounds like it could have been released yesterday. Or in 10 years."

    The Killers - "Wonderful Wonderful"

    I'm just getting really excited for their new album... The title track is pretty different for the band. It's dark and hypnotic, and I am intrigued to hear what the rest sounds like.


    Shamir - "On The Regular"

    It is my opinion that this is one of the greatest, if not the best, diss tracks of all time. Who is Shamir going after? Haters. All of them. Shamir's lyrics are so tight and his beats are so fresh, you don't even realize how clever the lyrics: "While everyone is minus, you could call me multiply / Just so you know, yes, yes, I'm that guy / You could get five fingers and I'm not waving "hi" / Guess I'm never-ending, you could call me pi" are until you're being carted off to the hospital for third degree burns.

    Hole - "Miss World"

    If you're having a bad day, consider cranking this classic ode to beauty by Hole and wailing along until your upstairs neighbor starts slamming on their floor with the handle of a broomstick and yelling at you to quiet down. It works every time.

    Carrie Underwood - "The More Boys I Meet"

    Having to defend my love of Carrie Underwood is futile, so I'll just say this: this song contains the actual words, "The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog." It is a lyrically, if not melodically, perfect song.


    Wolf Alice - "Beautifully Unconventional"

    When the video for this song came out a few days ago, I fell in love with this song, and I've been listening to it multiple times every day since then. It's rhythmically catchy with melodies that burrow into your brain.

    Alvvays - "Lollipop (Ode To Jim)"

    I might be a bit biased because I love candy and the title is candy, but this is probably one of my favorite songs from Alvvays' newest album, Antisocialites.

    GIRLI - "ASBOys"

    Actually, I've been listening to all of GIRLI's music this past week to tie myself over until her new Hot Mess EP comes out, but "ASBOys" is one of my favorites at the moment. The lyrics are from the point of view of an "ASBOy," which I think is a very British slang word for lowlife, based on the Urban Dictionary definition.

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