Get Pumped: 10 Motivational Songs for Back to School Season
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Getting back into the swing of things once the complete freedom of summer ends and the drudgery of school begins is hard. Whether you've already started or still have a few more precious days of lazing around, eventually you're going to have to get back into that dreaded routine of class, homework, homework, more homework, will it ever end… unless you're done with school for good, in which case, congratulations! For those of you still sticking it out, we've put together a list of motivational songs that will help you get out of that back to school funk.

    1. "Surfin'" - Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams

    Kid Cudi's "Surfin'" is an anthem all about being great by doing your own thing. Cudi emphasizes that he doesn't follow the trends everyone else does, and instead makes his own. Besides the confidence-inspiring lyrics, the overall sound of the song is hype and celebratory. The horns are especially motivational, and will definitely help you through some of those tough beginning-of-the-school-year realizations.

    Motivational Lines: "Now, I ain't riding no waves/Too busy making my own waves, baby"

    2. "So What" - P!nk

    After P!nk won the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs, we had to go back and revisit some of P!nk's most classic hits, and "So What" is definitely one of those. The song has enough energy to help you out with those early morning classes. Although, P!nk does say a few times that "I wanna get in trouble, I wanna start a fight," and you should probably just… not.

    Motivational Lines: "I got a brand new attitude/And I'm gonna wear it tonight"

    3. "Kids In America" - Kim Wilde

    An anthem for the youth, "Kids In America" is the perfect song to get you pumped for school. As one of the "kids in America," you have a chance to change the future and all that fun stuff, so enjoy it while you can!

    Motivational Lines: "New York to east California/There's a new wave coming, I warn ya/We're the kids in America"

    4. "Mama Told Me" - Big Boi, Kelly Rowland

    Like a lot of rappers, a lot of Big Boi's songs are dripping with confidence, and his collaboration with Kelly Rowland on "Mama Told Me" is no different. Aside from just talking about being a great artist, the song also offers some pretty good advice from "Mama:" "Be careful how you play your cards," "Be true to self and you'll go far," and of course "Try not to break too many hearts."

    Motivational Lines: "I skippin' every mountain top/I'm reachin' for the highest high"

    5. "Monster" - Kanye West, JAY Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj

    Specifically, Nicki Minaj's verse in "Monster," because everyone knows that's the best part. I feel like it's actually impossible to get hyped up by that legendary verse, so go ahead, listen on repeat before your next 8am.

    Motivational Lines: All of them

    6. "BO$$" - Fifth Harmony

    "BO$$" is one of the ultimate empowerment songs, and one of my favorites from Fifth Harmony. This song makes me want to both dance and be Michelle Obama, and I think that's the perfect vibe to have for those first few days of school.

    Motivational Lines: "C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T, that's me, I'm confident/Don't want yo' compliments, use common sense/I'm on my Michelle Obama (shhh)"

    7. "Ridin Round" - Kali Uchis

    Kali Uchis' "Ridin Round" will be a good song to pull out when you start feeling the inevitable drama that comes from being around your peers all day, every day. Who cares if someone doesn't like you?

    Motivational Lines: "You don't gotta say it cause I know that you don't like me/You and all your friends can open wide, go on and bite me"

    8. "Sweater Weather" - The Neighborhood

    So this one isn't necessarily about being confident and motivated, but who doesn't love sweater weather? And of course, although the end of summer means no more pool parties and popsicles, late nights and sleeping in, it also means sweater weather is upon us. Getting cozy will definitely make going back to school at least a little better.

    Bonus: Hype Instrumentals

    9. "Propeller" - Evian Christ

    Sometimes, building motivation doesn't require lyrics at all, just a hype experimental track. To me, Evian Christ's "Propeller," a track off of his Waterfall EP, sounds like an epic slow motion scene. I can almost guarantee that if you listen to this song, or anything with a similar vibe, and imagine you're walking in slow motion with fans perfectly volumizing your hair like you're Beyonce, you'll have the motivation you need to make a good impression in any class.

    10. "I'm Ready" - DJ Paypal

    Nothing says "I'm ready for school to start" like listening to a song called "I'm Ready," right? With the high energy of this footwork jam, you may still be dreading the switch into school season, but at least you'll be good and ready.

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