Now Playing: Jocelyn and Chris Arndt's Super Soulful NEXT Session
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    We can understand Managing Editor Kirsten Spruch's double take upon first sitting down with the super soulful, New York State rock duo, Jocelyn and Chris Arndt. After watching the band effortlessly saunter through a powerful set of songs at Baeble HQ, we later learned these outrageously talented siblings boast a time-honored sound that is well beyond their years. At the tender age of 21, Jocelyn is actually the elder of the group. Her brother Chris just turned 20. Not only that, the Arndt's are both enrolled at a very prestigious Northern university that shall go unnamed. But even that is a bit of a side-gig at the moment. Once you dive into our newest NEXT session, you'll understand why these two have spent 120 days on the road this year. Because my god...Jocelyn and Chris Arndt are very, very good at what they do.

    The laid back brew of stripped down roots songs performed here are all from the band's debut album, Edges. It's a can't miss performance, showcasing the Arndt's individual talents as well as their group. For her part, Jocelyn is an extremely expressive singer, absorbing every twist and turn her vocals take with her body language, channeling light and playful moments right alongside deeply profound and personal ones. Chris is an absolute whizz on the acoustic guitar; his lightning fast fingers dancing on the fretboard, unloading gobs of sweet licks and (GASP!) bonafide guitar solos. In between acoustic cuts, the duo talk to Kirsten about family life, their influences, and the sometimes surreal requirements of their quickly developing career. It's a wonderful and heartfelt profile of a young band who is busting it as hard as they possibly can in the name of their music, and beginning to reap the well-deserved rewards of their talent and work ethic.

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