BORNS' New Video For 'American Money' is a Cloudy Dream
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    BORNS' album Dopamine may have came out last year, but he's still rolling out content. He just released the video for his single "American Money" which proves to be a beautiful, cloudy dream filled with smoke and enchanting love. Borns is seen riding a bike with his partner sitting on the back, holding on tightly. Later, they're dancing in slow motion to the song, which almost feels like it's being played in slow motion, too. The lyrics are displayed on the screen, which makes you realize how great of a lyricist he is.

    "So take me to the paradise
    In your eyes
    Green like American money
    You taste just right
    Sweet like Tennessee honey"

    Similarly to artists like Lana Del Rey or Marina and The Diamonds, he spits out beautiful metaphors to slow-burning music. In the video, he plays with light, deep stares, and clothing with eccentric color and detail. This romantic visual is a perfect fit for the song, as BORNS continues to boast his cool attitude.

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