Watch: Die Antwoord's Pre-Die Antwoord Creepy Short Film
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    What's creepier than Die Antwoord's video for "I Fink Ur Freaky"?—You know, it's the other one with amorphous creature beings, gnarly face expressions, and limbs with no body, and Yolandi's blacked out pupils—I'll tell you: Yolandi in a button up and a red sweater with normal eyes, and Ninja, sorry "Waddy," watching TV next to his Mother.

    Before they were Zef, they were normal, Max Normal.TV to be precise. Yolandi, who at the time went by her given name Anri du Toit, and Ninja, a.k.a. Watkin Tudor Jones, were in a rap group meets art collective called MaxNormal.TV. To be clear, turns out they've always been really fucking weird. Recently one of the group's avant-garde short films surfaced on the internet, and it's miles creepier than the mainstream shock shows that are Die Antwoord's videos. It's the kind of unnervingly normal scene that has you in white knuckles waiting for someone to pick up a golf club and go Funny Games on everyone. What's worse is the unanchored heir of sadness that lingers throughout the film.

    I won't spoil the unsettling ending to this pre-Antwoord art house flick, see it below:

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