Gaga's Intergalactic Dream
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Lady Gaga is such a weirdo, which is why we all love or loathe her. The 28-year-old pop shocker is set to get on board a Virgin Galactic flight next year and perform in zero gravity, but she doesn't want to do it alone. Gaga has gone public with her wish to have Stardust icon, David Bowie, by her side singing along.

    "Gaga wants David to perform as she knows what a legend he is and what an amazing talking point it would be," a source shared with UK news outlet The Mirror.

    While there will be an A-list audience including Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Muse, Russell Brand and Kate Winslet, who have already bought their tickets, chances of Bowie agreeing to board a plane to outer space with intention to perform is unlikely.

    "Organizers will have a fortune to throw at him. But getting him to say yes might be another matter," the source added.

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