Exclusive: Fall In Love With PROM
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    The second I start listening to PROM, I kind of fell in love. The Brooklyn synth-pop duo, who just premiered their single "Flickers," has me hitting 'replay' over and over and over. Gorgeous vocals, paired with electro-beats and mildly aggressive keyboard, feels fresh, interesting, and everything indie music needs right now.

    So when Baeble had the opportunity to ask Ella Zoller and Gabriel Stanley about their music, pre-show rituals and their thoughts on drinking on-stage, we didn't hesitate to hand over our Q&A.

    Your music has been described as "dream pop"...do you think that's accurate?

    Yeah, we think that's pretty accurate. Our songs have that atmospheric dream pop texture. We definitely aim to create a new musical universe in each song.

    Every band seems to have a purpose or reason to share their music with the world. What impression do you hope you're making with each new face you play for?

    We hope people will find something that resonates with them, even if it's just one small moment or phrase, in what we write. Ideally the response is a "yeah, I get that."

    Have you ever had a writing session where a song materialized within minutes? Which one is it and what's the story?

    A lot of times the main melody for a song will materialize in our first improvisation, and we won't realize it until many revisions later. Sometimes you just get it right the first time. It feels more honest. But no, we actually don't have a whole song that materialized in minutes. We spend a lot of time tweaking little parts until we're satisfied, and that can take months.

    If you could re-do your own prom, who would be your celebrity dream date?

    Stephen Colbert x 2

    Is there anything you take with you on-stage or wear for good luck or an extra boost of confidence?

    We just want to make sure we're comfortable in what we wear and can move freely. If you feel good in what you're wearing, the performance will always be better. There's nothing more distracting than an "original" wardrobe choice gone wrong.

    What is your typical pre-show ritual?

    Right before the show we drink a mixture of hot water, fresh lemon juice, ginger and apple cider vinegar.

    Worst thing to eat or drink before a performance?

    Ice Cream/Hot Wings.

    It's common to see musicians consuming alcohol during a performance or already be buzzed when they take the stage. What are your thoughts on this?

    Ella can't drink any alcohol before she goes on. She realized during a party when someone asked her to play the piano and sing that she's 100% tone deaf when she drinks. Gabriel buys a bottle of small batch whiskey and sips on it during the show. In his words, "it butters it up." As for other musicians, we believe in a 'whatever works' policy.

    Dream collaboration or tour mate?

    A Little Dragon or Magnetic Fields collaboration would be pretty cool.

    If you could be in a band other than your own, who would it be and why?

    Phantogram. We just haven't found a song of theirs we don't like.

    Favorite thing to say to a crowd?

    "Hey everyone we're 3 Doors Down"

    What did it feel like the first time a fan asked for a picture or autograph?

    "Haha wait what, ok"

    Have you always wanted to be musicians or was there another dream job in mind when you were younger?

    Music was always something we were both drawn to. Ella wanted to be a veterinarian with all of the dog petting and none of the hard work, and Gabriel still hasn't made up his mind.

    10 songs you'd recommend everyone listen to this Fall?

    1. Still Life by Dawn Golden
    2. The Meaning of Love by Chrome Sparks
    3. No Flex Zone by Rae Sremmurd
    4. Where You Are by Mvscles
    5. Bill Murray by Phantogram
    6. White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts) by ODESZA
    7. Windowdipper by Jib Kidder
    8. You're The One For Me by Great Good Fine Ok
    9. 1st Love by Young Yeller
    10. Monument by Royksopp & Robyn

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