that's a wrap:  dr. dog and delta spirit @ the parish:: Austin, TX::: 9/13/08
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2008

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    While hot and heaty Austin dodged a storm named Ike - the monster hurricane auspiciously scooting by somewhere to the East - fans of Dr. Dog and Delta Spirit who call Texas' greatest town home found themselves in the eye of the storm this past weekend, as both bands descended upon the Parish for a tremendous, sold out double bill on Saturday.

    For their part, Dr. Dog prepped a potent elixir for their Austin audience. Dissolving long-live the USA riff rock, CSNY style country folk, sweet and sour soul, along with more modern bits psych pop into their breezy performance, the band served up a little something for every patient sipping down the band's sonic prescription. Forging through the bulk of their critically acclaimed, recently released album Fate, Dr. Dog certainly had their day. So too did their die hard following

    Like their Philly counterpoints, San Diego's Delta Spirit also bury their roots deep into the same classic topsoil that once sprouted the redwoods of rock. The Beatles, Dylan, and Springsteen: these are some of the forces that fertilize the batch of songs that inhabit Ode to Sunshine; the young band's debut album. Just don't call them a throw back. Like contemporaries Cold War Kids, The Veils, and The Walkmen, Delta Spirit pen blasts of guitar, keys, bass, and drums that are most certainly of the moment. After Saturday night's performance we're convinced they'll enjoy more than a moment though. Expect great things from these young, up and comers.

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