WTF WEEKLY: John Mayer and Nicki Minaj Spotted Flirting + MORE
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Halsey and G-Eazy are a couple now.

    Although Halsey has said that she's not one to publicize her romantic relationships, the media and fans sure have matched her up with a handful of potential suitors in the past. And by handful I mean large handful. Two hands put together. The kind of handful that naturally forms when someone approaches you with a bag of mini Reese's cups and asks you if you want some. Of course you do!

    I digress. The bisexual pop star has been matched up with many men and women: Ruby Rose, Jared Leto, The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart, and even Justin Bieber. It's gotten to the point where her mom has literally texted her asking, "are you dating Bieber?" to which Halsey had to reply, "WTF! God mom, no! I'd tell you before I told Ryan Seacrest!"

    The latest boy toy is rapper G-Eazy. Rumors began forming when the two performed their new song together "Him & I" at the Dive Bar Tour. Apparently at the end of the performance the two had a little make out sesh before G-Eazy yelled, "Give it up for Halsey. That's my boo!" Well, just from that, me thinks there might be a relationship brewin'. The two soon confirmed the speculation by posting photos of each other on both of their Instagram pages, as well as their Insta stories. It's #Instafficial!

    Sure, they're cute together. Maybe it's because both of their edgy attitudes mesh well. Or maybe it's because they're both a little raunchy. Or maybe it's because they both look exactly alike!!! I've been reading articles about this couple all day and so far, no one has pointed out their obvious resemblance. Headlines should read "G-Eazy and Halsey: Long Lost Brother and Sister" rather than "G-Eazy and Halsey: Spotted Doing The Dirty on Stage."

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    2. Demi Lovato might have a girlfriend now?

    I mean, "Cool For The Summer" was essentially just Demi Lovato screaming "I had experimental sex!", so are we really surprised? The (also bisexual) pop star was recently seen holding hands with Lauren Abedini, a Los Angeles DJ who goes by the stage name Kittens (that's a pretty ironic stage name, if you ask me. Think about it…). Apparently, they did more than just hold hands, too. A source told Page Six:

    Demi was spotted holding hands with Abedini, as well as wrapping her arm around her, at Disneyland over the weekend, causing fans to speculate that they could be dating.

    Lovato was last seen dating an MMA fighter, but who knows what happened with that. All I know is that once again, THESE TWO GIRLS LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. What is with everyone hooking up with people that look like they could have easily floated in amniotic fluid with several years ago? I'm more worried about Demi dating her doppelgänger rather than dating a girl.

    3. And, to stay on the topic of blossoming relationships, John Mayer and Nicki Minaj have been flirting on Twitter!

    Back in 2010, John Mayer took part in one of the most inappropriate interviews with Playboy, where he spurted out things that just made you want to cover your eyes and shout "TMI!" You think you want to know the details of your role models' personal lives until they finally do spill the beans and suddenly you realize "this isn't what I want." In this interview seven years ago, he spoke about a range of things: his love of porn, personal deets about dating Jessica Simpson, and, probably the worst, his penis' distaste for black women…? I don't know. He likened his private part to a white supremacist, so take that piece of info and do what you want with it.

    Now, despite that comment, he's trying to get it with Nicki Minaj via Twitter:

    You'd hope that Nicki, being the queen of realness, would shut this down real quick. After all, this is the man that dated Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. Does she really want to be thrown into that bag of basic?

    The answer is yes, I guess. Because then she responded with this:


    Then John *sort of* responded with this:

    But then Nicki's publicist probably stepped in and told her this was a bad idea, because Taylor is coming out with a new album and she doesn't want one of the singles to be directed at her. So she quickly derailed the whole thing:

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