THROWBACK THURSDAY: In the Studio with Son Little
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Son Little, born Aaron Livingston, is a guitar playing, songwriting genius. Next Friday, the Philadelphia based R&B musician will be releasing a new album called New Magic. If you're not already familiar with Son Little, you absolutely should be. He manages to do what few musicians these days seem to be able to do: create something entirely new and all his own, while still staying grounded in the path carved by R&B greats before him. "Demon To The Dark," a single off of New Magic, is a perfect example of this. It has all the parts that make a great R&B song: a strong melody, perfectly placed vocal runs, and lyrics to make you think. Son Little adds his own charm in that this is hymn, but somehow bigger than the kind you would find in a book at church.

    If you're not sold on Son Little yet, then you will be after watching the video we are bringing to you for this week's TBT. Last May, we had the chance to go into the studio with Livingston and his labelmate, singer-songwriter Doe Paoro. Prior to this session, Son Little and Doe (known as Sonia Kreitzer when she's offstage) had never even met each other, but you'd never know that, considering they wrote and recorded an entire song, "Shadows," like they had been collaborating for years.

    So, get comfy and prepare to go through Son Little's entire discography. But, ya know, after watching him and Doe Paoro write, record, and perform their duet "Shadows."

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