Shamir's New Video is Aesthetic AF
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    Before you click the "play" button on the video above, know that, if you're not of a certain age--and even if you are--it will probably grate on you like parmesan cheese. Shamir isn't for everyone. But he is, as he clarifies in his single "90's Kids", very much for the millennial generation, in a profoundly millennial way: he feels his generation is being overworked and shamed for being "dramatic", while suffering from a generational epidemic of crippling anxiety.

    Nothing makes this more clear than the recently released music video for the song, which is composed of Shamir's singing lips and/or face superimposed on 50 or so popular memes. (Fun fact: I just found out that this technique is called "Syncro-voxing".) Denizens of the internets will recognize such familiar memes as "Ermergerd" and "But That's None of My Business." Though the references to these memes will fall on deaf ears for anyone who spends a healthy amount of time on the internet, i.e., 0-2 hours a week, those familiar with the popular memes of the past 10 years, will notice that each meme is pretty artfully arranged to be relevant to the lyrics of the song.

    Long-time fans of Shamir might also notice that isn't the dance-pop of years before. But the same confident undercurrent that powered Shamir's breakout hit "On The Regular" runs through the lyrics of "90s Kids." Note the chorus: "Well, our parents say we're dramatic / But they always ask for more / Than we do / So fuck you." Shamir may be trying out more electronic-infused R&B in the future, but keeping the fuck-the-haters attitude that make his songs delightful.

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