Fergie and Nicki Minaj Slay in Black and White Video for 'You Already Know'
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Yesterday, The Dutchess made her return (again). That's right, Fergie dropped a new song and video called "You Already Know." The song is featuring Nicki Minaj so there's a good chance it's going to end up dominating radio pretty soon. "You Already Know" is a single from Fergie's album Double Dutchess, which is going to be released next Friday, the 22nd of September.

    In all honesty, the track could go either way. The first two singles from Double Dutchess ("L.A. Love" and "M.I.L.F. $") were not met with the same success as "Glamorous" or "Clumsy," in fact, they were pretty much brushed to the side. There's a chance that the same thing could happen with "You Already Know," even with a feature from Nicki Minaj. In terms of production, the song is just average. It definitely doesn't sound as polished as a song from names as big as Nick and Fergie should sound. At points, it sounds like they just cut and pasted different takes of various sessions and made no effort to smooth it out, like between the verses and the chorus.

    Fergie's verses are pretty good, they bring back some old-school Black Eyed Peas era Fergie vibes. She's a pretty solid rapper, I'll give her that, but why feature Nicki at all if she was planning to rap herself? Probably for that radio success a Nicki verse used to guarantee. The chorus is infectious, and Fergie sounds great in her upper register, but it has the potential to go from infectious to annoying really, really quickly. Nicki's verse is solid, but then again, when aren't they? There's never really been a song where Nicki, whether she's a guest or the main artist, hasn't sounded great. That being said, it definitely is not as strong as her "Monster" verse, and it doesn't have the song-saving potential that her "Swish Swish" feature had. Seth Rogen really got a kick out of his shout-out though. The best part of the song is probably the breakdown, but it's tragically too short.

    The video itself, however, is great. It takes place in an array of black and white sets, and is shot entirely in black and white. Nicki and Fergie don a plethora of monochromatic outfits, some loose fitting and rather manly, some tiny, form fitting dresses and leotards. And they both look fantastic. Like so, so good. Those two rock beach blonde hair like no other.

    Here's hoping the rest of Double Dutchess is better, because we have seriously been lacking Fergie in our lives.

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