'Beach Boys' is a Weezer Song About Liking the Beach Boys!
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    A few years ago, I read an essay by Chuck Klosterman (I think it's in his book Eating the Dinosaur) that discussed, among other things, Weezer frontman's Rivers Cuomo's desire to be a professional surfer, and his band's habit of creating songs that have completely literal lyrics. People generally don't like Weezer records because they don't identify with the very specific, non-metaphorical lyrics that Rivers Cuomo sings, because most people aren't touring with a rock band, making music professionally, or doing the things that the members of Weezer do in their day-to-day lives. Cuomo actually addressed his appreciation for non-ironic, very literal, very specific lyrics in an interview with Pitchfork in 2009. In the same interview, he expresses his desire to make music with Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson.

    You can actually witness for yourself how much people dislike Weezer lyrics in the comments in the video for the band's new song "Beach Boys." "When you thought weezer [sic] was getting better and you hear this chorus," says one commenter. "After first hearing this song, I thought the chorus sucked but the song was ok reguardless [sic]," another says.

    The chorus, for clarification, goes like this: "Turn it up / It's the Beach Boys / Singing out in a sweet voice / On a roll like a twist toy / Keep cranking them Beach Boys." Then: "Turn it up / It's the Beach Boys / Making my eyes get moist / Hold 'em up at gunpoint / Keep cranking them Beach Boys."

    So here's my super deep analysis of this song, based on those lyrics, Klosterman's essay, and the Pitchfork interview from 2009: Rivers Cuomo is a big fan of the Beach Boys. If you are not a fan of the Beach Boys, you will not like this song.

    I love the Beach Boys.

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