BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Happy When I Cry' by K.I.D. (Video)
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    [Photo Credit: Josef Jasso]

    There are countless indie rock groups, but few are as dynamic as Canadian duo K.I.D. This artist consists of front woman Kara Lane and lyricist Bobby Lo. The two met in high school, where they bonded over their mutual love for smoking cigarettes in class. The connection between the two depend beyond just smoking buddies, they found that they shared similar wants and aspirations, and they began writing songs together. After performing at open mic nights, Kara slipped into the position of the front woman. Bobby found his place writing songs about typical teenage issues like acne, and broader topics like his clinical depression. With the help of producer Mike Crossey (The 1975, Arctic Monkeys) K.I.D. crafted their garage-rock sound, and have released two EPs.

    And now they're back with new single, "Happy When I Cry," and its accompanying music video. The song has an upbeat, catchy melody, and melancholy lyrics courtesy of Lo. When paired with Kara's clear, emotive voice, it creates a song that you're not sure if you want to dance to, or sob along with. But that's okay, K.I.D. isn't too sure either, and that's clear through the lyrics in the chorus, "I'm happy when I cry / cause the pain makes me feel so alive." Everyone has experienced that at some point, that feeling of not being sure why you're so emotional but also not wanting it to stop. Like when you laugh so hard you cry, or vice versa.

    The lyric video also reflects that feeling of emotional confusion. In some ways, the video seems very lighthearted and jovial; a weird animated baby dancing carelessly along to "Happy When I Cry." But at the same time, the baby invokes feelings of defenselessness, naivety, and sensitivity. And ya know, crying, because that's what babies do.

    The band told us more about it, "'Happy When I Cry' is about feeling constantly disassociated, and craving emotional release. Sorry that sounded so emo. It's the last song I ever wrote about my long-time muse "Dillon". Despite knowing he was unattainable, I became sort of addicted to the pain he was inflicting, maybe because it was driving my creativity. Sonically, we aimed to make the record feel like the last day of summer in the
    suburbs. The record was also very inspired by The Mamas and The Papas."

    "The dancing baby felt like a great representation of the lyric. One one hand, you have this entity dancing merrily, but one might also associate infancy with vulnerability and 'crying.'"

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