LOLO at Berlin: Album Release Marks The Birth of a Star

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    To celebrate the release of her new album, In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit, singer-songwriter LOLO hosted a release party at Berlin in New York City last night. We recently fell in love with her when we premiered her video for "Heard It From a Friend" because her voice was dangerously good and it was contagiously catchy.

    However even though we knew we liked her, we weren't prepared for just how much we'd fall in love during the show. Her voice instantaneously went from dangerously good to downright addictive. She encompassed a scratchy attitude similar to P!nk and Amy Winehouse and had the soaring pop hooks that could have easily been co-written by Sia. Every song ended with the crowd cheering extra loud because she did that thing where she showed off her range (which spanned across several octaves probably) and held a really high note for a really long time... If anyone else tried doing what LOLO did last night, they would be exhausted. The way each song was written required a special powerhouse vocalist who was capable of putting their all into it -- And she did that. Not once or twice, but she put all of her energy into every damn song on the record. Miraculously, she was still glowing at the end of the night and her voice was not worn out. You could tell this wasn't her first rodeo.

    Her band consisted of only two people not including herself -- a guitarist and drummer. It seemed like someone was triggering samples as well but I couldn't get a good glimpse due to the packed out house. Nonetheless, it was impressive to hear three people sound like they were an eight-piece. LOLO is a solo artist but the three of them performed as a group. It was evident that they were friends between everyone's enthusiasm and their jokes in between each song.

    LOLO was spitting out jokes left and right but she mainly exhibited her emotional side -- after all, it was her "wedding night." Yep, she actually referred to her album release party as her wedding several times, which may sound silly but it was beautiful sentiment. As she went on about the record, the crowd cheered her on (they were possibly the happiest, most supportive crowd I've ever witnessed in New York, which is a feat in itself).

    She played the entire album including highlights "The Devil's Gone To Dinner," "Shine," and of course, our favorite, "Heard It From a Friend" with complete confidence. This wasn't her first time debuting music, as she has penned hits for Panic! At The Disco and even scored the off-Broadway musical, 'Songbird.' It's all impressive, but now it's time for LOLO to start a new chapter, release her own music, and put a face to the name. We have no doubt she'll exceed at that, given her remarkable stage presence, accessible qualities, and identifiable voice.


    [Photo Credit: Kirsten Spruch]

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