Jack Garratt Welcomes Little Simz on His Track 'Far Cry'

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    You may or may not have liked Jack Garratt's "Far Cry" off his debut studio effort Phase. Either way, if you have half a heart, you recognized the pleading tone in Garratt's high-pitched crooning. And maybe if you have the other half of your heart intact, you wanted Garratt to find that someone or something he's begging for. Well - big news here - he found it, and it turned out to be a fiery verse from fellow British talent Little Simz.

    Simz lends a verse to the official remix of "Far Cry," coming in after the second chorus and carrying the energy of Garratt's heavy beat into a verse spit with confidence and poise. Her grimey accent brings a distinct voice to light, as Simz assures us all "Everything [she does] is done properly." Judging by this remix, we agree 100%. The verse ends as an interlude of Garratt's somber lyrics and piano return, but Little Simz hasn't left the song like she found it.

    "Far Cry" ends with Garratt's outro, the return of some lively synths and heavy bass fading into piano once again. But it may be hard to pay attention to this, seeing as the fast pace of Simz's verse is most likely still echoing through your head. So let's all take a moment to thank Little Simz for bringing new life into "Far Cry," a young-queen type counterpart to Garratt's new-age sadboy. And let's all hope for more from these two, because no one sounds quite like them together. And Simz knows it when she reminds us, "they are not Simz, they are not Jack." Period. Don't forget it.

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