Grouplove at Baby's All Right: Out To Prove New Album 'Big Mess' Is Anything But A Mess

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    I can never get enough of Grouplove and their bubblegum-pop sensibility mixed with deep-rooted grunge rock - reminiscent of Nirvana and Pixies - and their ability to throw one hell of an energetic show. I caught Grouplove at Baby's All Right over the weekend for what I think was my fourth time since 2012 and they never disappoint with a night full of a little bit of head-banging and a lot of singing at the top of my lungs.

    The show was on the day that the LA-bred band released their third-studio album, Big Mess, and the album couldn't be further away from a mess. The album was inspired by the realization that they were out of touch with friends, family, and normalcy back in Los Angeles after being on tour for so long and decided to go back indefinitely. Around the same time, the bands vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi (who have been lovers since the band formed) found out they were going to have a baby so the band turned chaos into inspiration which led to Big Mess.

    I knew the show would be sold out but I didn't expect Baby's All Right to be packed to the brim. It's already a small venue but there were attendees squished up against the walls and on the ramp leading to the floor by the stage. People were even climbing on the railings to get a better view. And myself, being 5'6 with incredibly short legs, had a hard time seeing the stage (which is incredibly low to the ground as well) so I spent the whole duration of the set on my tippy-toes. But the show totally worth the burning calves.

    Grouplove came out with rock aggression that was toned down by their happy free-spiritedness as they went right into their opening track. They performed "Do You Love Someone," a single from Big Mess that was realized about a month ago and when such a new track turned into a crowd singalong, I realized I was surrounded by true Grouplove fans.

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    Every time I see Grouplove live, frontman Christian Zucconi always has a different hair color and this time was my favorite: an interesting ombre-ish of dark brown to blue to blonde. He was wearing a black tee with a burnt orange-colored blazer and his other-half, Hannah Hooper was in a metallic ensemble. Zucconi put on a snapback hat while they performed a favorite from their debut-album, Never Trust a Happy Song "Itchin' On A Photograph."

    Grab the person to your right because you're going to your best friend's house! Zucconi shouted before playing (what remains) their biggest hit, "Tongue Tied." You can't help but jump and shout each word whenever you hear this song. "Standing In The Sun" from Big Mess gave off some serious Cage The Elephant vibes and Grouplove performed a head-banging cover of Beastie Boys Sabotage.

    Streets of Laredo

    The head-banging continued for the intro-track off Big Mess, "Welcome To My Life" right before the band exited the stage. The crowd stood still as we all knew they'd come back out for an encore and sure enough, "Enlighten Me" started as they walked back out. Zucconi said their new bassist, Daniel Gleason has a strange little ritual he likes to do at show. This is Dans new thing he does now. Dan drinks a beer out of his show. Yes, that happened. After closing the set with Ways To Go, it felt like the show was over in a blink of an eye. Grouplove is a rare breed with too many hits off of all three studio albums to fit them all into one night.

    Streets of Laredo

    Streets of Laredo

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