BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Red Cloud Road' by Francie Moon

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Robert Huber]

    Today we're premiering the new song, "Red Cloud Road" from New Jersey-based garage-rocker and singer-songwriter, Francie Moon. Recorded at Crud Studios and the Land Bridge Records/Rigbi home base in NJ, Francie Moon, AKA Melissa Lucciola, produced the song herself along with Richie Samartin, Jon Irizarry, and Richie Samartin. She encompasses everything that makes her an inspirational woman: attitude, depth, dirt, grit, coolness, and grace. The track is calm with a retro vibe, reverb-packed vocals, jangling guitars, clashing drums, and even a thumb piano at the very end. Francie Moon's ability to make you feel like you're floating in the air is hypnotic.

    We asked her to tell us about the track, "This one time on my first West coast tour, my friends and I were driving through the desert in the middle of nowhere in this big van. I used to like to sit in the back and write a bunch of poems and draw while I watched everyone enjoy the awesome adventure we were on. At one point I was sitting there and I felt the need to look up and saw the road sign for 'Red Cloud Road.' I was immediately flooded with all these feelings and inspirations and wrote down all the lyrics for the song at that moment. A couple weeks after I got home, I was supposed to go on another tour but our friends bailed and the tour got canned. However, I didn't tell my job about that and I took the month off anyway, and spent it writing a million songs, and 'Red Cloud Road' was one of them. It's from such a special time where I felt exactly how I wanted to feel for the rest of my life, the kind of time I wanted to spend doing what I love, and realizing when I feel that way the fear of death slowly drips away. It's beautiful. This version of the song is extra special to me because almost all of my closest friends are singing on it. It all worked out perfectly because I only called a couple people, but we all brought someone else with us that night to the session. So we ended up having this big group of seven people who inspire me so much singing together and making harmonies. It was one of my favorite moments."

    "It's kind of funny because last year I actually ended up being on that road. I was traveling, living in my van and playing music with my boyfriend Adam. He was driving late at night while I was sleeping and all the sudden he woke me up to tell me that we were about to come up on the road. I couldn't believe it! I didn't remember where it was and couldn't even tell you right now. So he pulled up on it and believe it or not, it isn't really a road! It just ended. And we got out and he asked me if I wanted to camp there and I thought for sure we would die that night if we did. I mean I've been singing about dying there a lot. Apparently, we didn't camp there that night and lived because we suddenly realized we needed gas really really badly. Our gas gauge was broken and our trip mileage counter was on the wrong setting. We passed and pulled into so many abandoned gas stations that night across miles and miles of desert until we finally pulled into one that was open. It was really intense but we made it!"

    The song is off of her self-titled EP out on September 23 and she also has a couple of exciting shows coming up:

    9/17 - All About Downtown Jersey City Street Fair w /Elephant Fire - 12:50PM

    9/23 - EP Release at The Other Side in Brooklyn, NY w/ Elephant Fire, The Big Drops and Sun Voyager

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