Albert Hammond Jr Pays Homage To Ingmar Bergman In Latest Video
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Before we get into the rant that we're about to get into, we just want to clarify that we're super into this new Albert Hammond Jr. video that we got today, "Caught By My Shadow," and the track itself has been great since the first time we heard it on Hammond Jr.'s excellent new album, Momentary Masters. But, yo, people, there are more Ingmar Bergman references you can make in the world than just The Seventh Seal and playing chess with Death. Albert Hammond Jr. plays chess with Death in the new video (although with a surreal, psychedelic twist), and it's fun. But, maybe on his next video we can get a Fanny & Alexander homage or maybe a video that's just a nod to Ingrid Thulin's single take monologue from Winter Light? We're just saying.

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