T.G.I.Mixtape 177
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Whoa, where did this week go? Did it blow by like a Teen Daze album cycle for EVERYONE? It seems like only yesterday we were noodling on about late night TV but now we're already here. We're not complaining. This week we're going full throttle on new music. We're going to try and work you up to Animal Collective's weirdness by alternating the easily digestible with some more exotic flavors. Enjoy.

    New! Listen to (most of) the mixtape on Spotify!

    1. "To The World (Ft. Kanye West and R. Kelly" - G.O.O.D. Music - Cruel Summer

    This fiesty opening track reeks of Kanye, but those who are expecting Cruel Summer to be MBDTF 2, they'll be sorely disappointed. Loving this first track, though.

    2. "Slam Donahue" - Slam Donahue - Hemlock Tea EP

    Solid EP, front to back. The single isn't even the best song, but here it is, because I'm trying to entice you to dig deeper. So worth it.

    3. "Now" - Matt and Kim - Lightning

    Yeah Matt and Kim have been pretty repetitive since they "broke," but "Now" is just so much fun. Bonus points for repurposing the very distinct four chord progression from Coldplay's "The Scientist."

    4. "Tessellate" - Alt-J - An Awesome Wave

    Now Mercury Prize nominated. A master class in making things interesting and engaging.

    5. "Heartbeat" - Kopecky Family Band - Kids Raising Kids

    So good. Love these guys.

    6. "Default" - Atoms For Peace - Default [Single]

    Yorke making solo-Yorke style songs with Atoms For Peace? Yes please. Album due in early 2013.

    7. "Runaways" - The Killers - Battle Born

    Sometimes you just need a little Killers. This album is out next week.

    8. "Today's Supernatural" - Animal Collective - Centipede Hz

    Nothing better than an Animal Collective that knows what it does best: freaking you all out. Really love this.

    9. "Sleeping Ute" - Grizzly Bear - Shields

    Let's wind down with a little Grizzly Bear. This track is smoldering.

    10. "Fitzpleasure (Jim James Apple C Remix)" - Alt-J - Unreleased

    The only thing better than Alt-J is Jim James remixing Alt-J. SO. GOOD. Have a great weekend everyone!

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