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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010

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    Hip-hop group Das Racist, of "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" fame, has released a music video for "Ek Shaneesh" off of their Shut up, Dude mixtape. The video, is a comic spin on several rap video cliches - the group is shot rollin' through their 'hood of Williamsburg, which is full of hasidic Jews and hipsters rather than thugs, and the featured dancer is male "hype man" Ashok Kondabolu rather than the typical scantily-clad women. The song itself follows the group's typically comic approach and is backed by an appropriately cheesy beat.

    Das Racist's "Shut up, Dude" mixtape is available for free download here and the group has a couple shows booked for the next few days in and around their home base of New York City.-peter menniti

    Das Racist Upcoming Shows

    9/16 - Santos Party House, NYC, NY
    9/18 - Appel Commons, Ithaca, NY

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    Mixtape: Shut up, Dude
    Das Racist on Myspace

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