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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010

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    Five trillion... now that's a large number, and it has nothing to do with the US deficit or economic stimulus package. It has to do with comments. Every once in a while our Facebook Connect API burps and we see some interesting things on the site.

    Last week it was the number of comments in the Facebook comment box on one of our concerts. It was reading that there was 1 of 5,004,818,694,964 comments. We wish that we has this many comments on a piece of our content... we can only assume that this massive number is the total universe of comments in the Facebook databases; it's too huge for anything else. Try and read this number in its entirety out loud it takes a moment. The current global population is 6,697,254,041 as of 2008 according to the World Bank. This means that, dividing it up equally, as of today the entire population of the Earth (as of 2008) has commented on something in Facebook 747 times. It's hard to believe this number (and it must be more for certain people, given worldwide web access) but reasonably credible when you think about the intense Facebook habits of some of your friends. I look at these social comments on our work output every day as a measure of the passion and commitment of our audience to the music we feature. This social commenting spreads the passion and content to the individual's friends and networks across the Facebook social spectrum. and it benefits all involved.

    So, in summary, add to the 5 trillion. Share your love of music and the bands you support on our site and drop a comment. Let us know what you think. -david moffly

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