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    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2009

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    The Air Waves' self titled five song EP is quite simply a lovely collection of melodic tunes, upbeat guitar, and endearing vocals. The album feels earnestly clean and elemental (the band cites clouds and water as influences and it actually comes through). But the Brooklyn based trio embodies more than just a few naturally occurring compounds; their vibe is something along the lines of Beach House and Neil Young with some Pixies thrown in the mix. Overall, the band's lo-fi rock is musically and lyrically smooth.

    Nicole Schneit is a tactile writer; her lyrics inhabit intimacy and linger in the realm of scent, sounds, sleep, and touch. The band's voice is authentic throughout the album. Tracks like Gems and Kingdom are dreamy and lethargic while Shine On and Lightening are peppy and up beat. Schneit's songwriting momentum is derived from her ability to sow together a collage of simple statements and small movements into an impression of the story; like a picture painted with watercolors, where the edges and lines are obscured.

    The last song entitled Keys is the highlight of the album. The track is smooth upbeat rocker about the inevitable passing of youth and acknowledgment of the trials old age can bring; Schneit declares there is a sound in every sound. Ultimately Air Waves feels like the back track to an over exposed home movie, tripping through muted scenes of running time, a familiar embrace tinged with that delicate melancholy of memory.-Amelia Trask

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