• THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    When one of Lauv's songs comes on the radio, it can too easily be dismissed. The cotton-candy electronic sounds flow so well that it's hard to really pay attention to them, to listen to the intricacies in the notes. But when Lauv takes his place behind a piano, it's impossible not to stop and listen. Even with everything electronic or superfluous stripped from away, he still seems to fill up every inch of space in the room. It's hard to believe that he's armed only with one piano and one voice, especially as his voice effortlessly dances between octaves.

    He starts singing his hit song "I Like Me Better" in a low and pensive tone, and builds, singing higher and higher until the song ends. He sings his other two songs "The Other" and "Bracelet" with equal intensity. His brow stays furrowed and his eyes half closed as he sits at the piano.

    Lauv is, at his heart, a singer-songwriter, a self-proclaimed "guy with a laptop," and his writing is deeply personal and gorgeously lyrical, something that's not exactly common for electronic producers. It makes his intensity come off as perfectly genuine rather than overly theatrical. It's captivating enough to make you really listen- not just to this performance, but to every time that Lauv comes on in the future.

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