King Krule Performs in an Undead Alternate Reality in 'Dum Surfer'

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    A few hours ago, genre-bending producer and rapper King Krule released his newest song "Dum Surfer," accompanied by a lo-fi undead-themed music video. "Dum Surfer" is the second single from his upcoming album The Ooz, which he announced last week will be released on October 13 via True Panther Sounds and XL. "Dum Surfer" follows "Czech One," the single and video King Krule released three weeks ago.

    King Krule's newest song shifts between post-punk and jazz influences, tied together by an overall dark, hazy sonic quality that makes it feel like you're wandering through someone else's unsettling dreams. The first 30 seconds of the song sets the tone with an ominous bass that almost sounds like it's submerged in water, and layered, distant screams and groans. Krule's vocals waver between present and up front, and distorted and reverberant, creating a self-contained call-and-response effect. Guitar and saxophone solos in the middle of the song stand out as a hopeful sound in the midst of the murky mix.

    The visual that accompanies "Dum Surfer" mirrors the song's surreal, slightly creepy vibe. The video begins with an undead Archy Marshall rolling down the street on a gurney until he arrives at a dingy bar where he joins he's equally ashen band members. The band performs for a sparse audience of strange, ghostly characters, most of whom watch with vague indifference. The video is peppered with distortions that look more like blips in Krule's reality than video glitches. The audience members remain unfazed as they begin to sweat profusely. The clip ends as it started, with the gurney rolling through the empty streets, although this time without King Krule. The unsettling, unexplained strangeness of the video definitely fits the dreamlike sound of the song.

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