Cults Drop Head Banging New Video for 'I Took Your Picture With My Eyes Closed'

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Indie pop duo Cults have released a trippy video for "I Took Your Picture With My Eyes Closed," a single off their upcoming album Offering, out October 6th.

    The video opens with a crash of thunder and follows a rain-drenched Madeline Follin (lead vocals) into a quaint cottage, which is actually her childhood vacation house. As the song develops into the very new wave-y verse, Madeline begins to headbang, her long brunette hair flying around her wildly. Guitarist and percussionist Brian Oblivion watches through a window as she headbangs and collapses tiredly onto a couch as the song progresses through the chorus.

    As the track slips into Cults' rhythm-heavy signature sound, the room transforms: everything from the walls to the sofa is made of long, brown hair. The location changes for the harmony filled bridge, now Madeline is walking through the woods at night, donning a pink raincoat. A blue light dances around her as she asks "Did I get what I wanted?"

    The video then takes a rather surreal turn, with Madeline being lifted off the ground in a beam of light, the same way alien abductions are shown in 80's sci-fi movies, or how Mulder would describe to Scully during an episode of The X-Files. Instead of being sucked up into outer space, Madeline ends up on the roof of Brian's New York City apartment as thunder once again rattles in the distance.

    The science fiction, headbanging gem is just a wonderful peek into the rock n' roll meets new-wave sound that Cults will (hopefully) be bringing to our ears with Offering.

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