Alvvays Literally Time Travels in 'Dreams Tonite' Video

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Earlier today, Toronto dream-pop band Alvvays released a retro music video for "Dreams Tonite," the second single from their sophomore album Antisocialites, which was just released last week. The video, directed by Matt Johnson, features footage shot by Canada's National Film Board at Montreal's Expo ‘67 festival. By using the cameras and film that were used back in ‘67 and of course a bit of digital magic, the video crew was able to insert the whole band directly into the old footage. Every shot where you see Molly and the band is actually merged with the original Expo ‘67 footage - so essentially, Alvvays time travelled for "Dreams Tonite," dropping right into what the band called "Canada… at its coolest."

    The beautiful coloring (done by Alter Ego and Conor Fisher) and nostalgia throughout the video perfectly fits the song itself. According to the director, "The first thing I thought when Alvvays played "Dreams Tonite" for me in their studio (which is packed wall to wall with gear built before they were born) was that this music is from another time. It sounds like a rediscovered classic that was way ahead of its time, so the video had to be about time travel." Without knowing any better, one might assume Alvvays was actually there, performing in Montreal in 1967. Overall, the music video for "Dreams Tonite" is a perfect mixture of beautiful aesthetics, nostalgia, actual history, and of course a great song.

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